A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Shoot Blind you play as Special Agent Smith as you try to apprehend the board of an Organization who has been doing some seriously bad shit. They know youre coming, they've locked the exits, and now you need to make it through the private security who will not hesitate to shoot you on sight.

This is a Prototype build featuring one level around the middle of the game.
It will also be updated to test ideas, and get feedback.

Game has been updated on 19/10/18


Shoot Blind.zip 255 MB
Shoot Blind.app.zip 258 MB

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I feel like there should be a cooldown between shots, as it stands, a macro will destroy this game.

It seems like the pointer and where you fire is off. 

Thanks for letting me know, will have to look at doing a fix.

first I mowed down everyone I saw. then I tried again without killing civilians, I accidently killed two guards though so I didn't get stealth bonus :/